At SDK, our goal is to give priority to mutual, long-lasting cooperation relationships with both customers and cooperation partners in chartering. That is precisely why SDK focuses on delivering agreed, uniform, effective solutions.

Based on our comprehensive global network, we guarantee you service, support, and consulting that is tailored to your needs, while at the same time you will experience the immediacy of the nearby locations. Our team of specialists guarantee you professional guidance when selecting the safest and most efficient form of transport. At the same time, you are provided full transparency at all stages of your shipment process from your dedicated contact person.


SDK Chartering functions as an agent for our regular customers, and because we aim for long-term, close relationships, our work is based of good, reliable partnerships. Partnerships in which SDK delivers our services via our own T/C vessels and through our network of shipowners.

  • T/C vessels
  • Project cargo
  • Dry cargo
  • COA
  • Spot chartering
  • Total solutions door/door


At SDK we have weekly liner service, which covers Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea region from Denmark and Poland. Both to and from our many local and regional destinations, we arrange door/door solutions with sideport tonnage with regularly scheduled service.

  • Door/door solutions
  • Weekly departures
  • Own terminals
  • Possibility for varying volumes of cargo
  • Pallet cargo
  • Deck cargo

Contact us for information about our services

Denmark, Sweden & Norway

Oceankajen 12
DK-7000 Fredericia

+45 7620 6000


Oceankajen 12
DK-7000 Fredericia

+45 7620 6000


Havnen 12
DK-4600 Køge

+45 5665 0006

Our company and approach to the customer is based on strong


Thorough preparation is key

At SDK, we handle and coordinate we all turn-around calls with the utmost respect for both customer and passengers. We have good cooperation with national and local authorities through which we are guaranteed a smooth and thorough basis for preparation in Cruise calls.

Your customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to our business. That is why we are working all the time to improve the approach to you as a customer. We do this through increased accessibility, where we focus on giving you one portal to a uniform and effective customer experience.

Development on your terms

In a cooperation with SDK, you reap the benefit of the innovative business opportunities, which we develop in close cooperation with both customers and partners. Our task is to be proactive and cost-effective and at the same time place our full attention on the needs of the individual customer.

You have a need, SDK has a solution