Handling of goods across borders requires a high degree of attention concerning procedures in connection with customs. Therefore, at SDK, we have a team of experts which is always ready to help you with the handling of customs and trade through a wide range of services. Here, we help you clarify which licenses you need to take advantage of customs rules and free trade opportunities, and we manage the application process and help you document your routines. And we consult in introducing the new EU Customs Code, as well as help with issues related to Brexit.

We assist with the following by land and sea as well as by air:

  • Import and export declarations
  • Customs warehouse and inventory management of the same
  • Active processing
  • ICS reporting
  • EMCS reporting
  • Issue of certificates of origin
  • Work in customs and manifestation systems
  • T2L documentation
  • Applications and permissions from the authorities
  • Contact to the authorities
  • Consultancy work

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Thorough preparation is key

At SDK, we handle and coordinate we all turn-around calls with the utmost respect for both customer and passengers. We have good cooperation with national and local authorities through which we are guaranteed a smooth and thorough basis for preparation in Cruise calls.

Your customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to our business. That is why we are working all the time to improve the approach to you as a customer. We do this through increased accessibility, where we focus on giving you one portal to a uniform and effective customer experience.

Development on your terms

In a cooperation with SDK, you reap the benefit of the innovative business opportunities, which we develop in close cooperation with both customers and partners. Our task is to be proactive and cost-effective and at the same time place our full attention on the needs of the individual customer.


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