At our terminals, we have professional stevedores, who are ready to carry out all forms of handling of project cargo and industrial goods. At SDK, we have a large selection of handling equipment, which can be tailored to the task. SDK has extensive experience within project management, handling ‘odd size’ goods, and we would be pleased to deliver a turnkey door/door solution.

At SDK, we are proud to do things safely, properly and with dedication – the first time. Our entrepreneurship and practical approach to tasks over the years, has resulted in completing tasks within the areas of oil and gas, constructions, industrial goods and wind/energy.

  • Project management
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Securing and lashing down cargo
  • Pram solutions
  • Heavy-lift ships
  • Mobile cranes
  • Floating cranes
  • Logistics support
  • Storage of oversized gods
  • Super cargo
  • Own lifting and rigging equipment with a capacity of up to 480 tonnes

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Our company and approach to the customer is based on strong


Thorough preparation is key

At SDK, we handle and coordinate we all turn-around calls with the utmost respect for both customer and passengers. We have good cooperation with national and local authorities through which we are guaranteed a smooth and thorough basis for preparation in Cruise calls.

Your customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to our business. That is why we are working all the time to improve the approach to you as a customer. We do this through increased accessibility, where we focus on giving you one portal to a uniform and effective customer experience.

Development on your terms

In a cooperation with SDK, you reap the benefit of the innovative business opportunities, which we develop in close cooperation with both customers and partners. Our task is to be proactive and cost-effective and at the same time place our full attention on the needs of the individual customer.

You have a need, SDK has a solution