SDK FREJA more than doubles earnings in landmark year

Despite a year marked by supply chain challenges and the difficult task of merging two companies into one, SDK FREJA has delivered their best result ever, almost quadrupling the previous year’s result and reporting a revenue of more than DKK 6 billion along with an EBT of DKK 244 million.

The shipping- and logistics company SDK FREJA presents their first, complete 12-month report after last year’s merger. The company has succeeded in increasing their revenue to more than DKK 6 billion, which more than doubles last year’s revenue, corresponding to an increase of 128 percent.

SDK FREJA’s annual report finalizes a turbulent year with a COVID-19 pandemic that has yet to fully release the market, a new war in Europe, new legislation from EU and huge pressure on global supply lines, meaning that the shipping and logistics businesses have had a more complicated year than ever before.

“In spite of a global shipping- and logistics business marked by another year of continuous challenges, we, across the Group, have seen clear progress in both our top- and bottom lines, which we owe to the huge effort from our skilled coworkers,” Says Søren Gran Hansen, Group CEO of SDK FREJA and further elaborates:

“Both strategic acquisitions and a continued investment in our IT platform has increased the effectiveness of our internal business protocols and strengthened our solutions to our clients.”

With this year’s result, however, SDK FREJA has achieved a ten-fold growth in EBT over a five-year period, reaching DKK 244 million. This economic ballast will now secure SDK FREJAs strong position when continuing the company’s growth strategy in coming years, and allow for expansion, acquisitions, and growth.

SDK FREJA united in growth

In two of the group’s business units, SDK and FREJA respectively, this year has presented equal parts opportunities and challenges, placing considerable demands on the complexity of the company’s solutions for individual client needs.

”The assignments within stevedoring, agency and chartering have been marked by a change in the regular transport patterns. The markets have increased in complexity, which has demanded that we have had to continuously adapt. Apart from this, we’ve seen highly increased pressure on both harbors and stock facilities, as a natural result of an increase in global economic growth. This year’s result, however, indicates that we’ve succeeded in this task, and we attribute a large part of this to the excellent cooperation between our coworkers and our clients,” says Lars Jespersen, Group CEO SDK.

Although FREJA has experienced the same market challenges, they, too, have succeeded in creating the opportunity to develop and adapt their business practices and competencies.

”This year has been both challenging and eventful. The lack of capacity within both road-, ocean- and air transport as well as stock facilities has challenged our clients’ supply chain to the limit, which has meant that we had to rethink processes and at the same time be incredible flexible while maintaining a constant dialogue with our customers to find the optimum solution. Our coworkers’ skill in continuously securing extra capacity as well as adapting to a volatile market is a considerable part and cause of our growth,” says Ulrik Rasmussen, Group CEO FREJA

Apart from the successful integration of SDK Logistics and FREJA, which has resulted in larger synergies than expected, the previous fiscal year has also seen the addition of Swedish IRT Logistics and Norwegian Thoresen Transport to FREJA, which has strengthened the company’s Nordic market position.

Acquisitions create growth

The proactive acquisition strategy for SDK FREJA is part of a wider, future strategy that can be traced back to the company ownership; the family-owned United Shipping and Trading Company (USTC). A strong approach that secures the future growth of SDK FREJA.

“Our family ownership’s backing for acquisitions secures us, in the group, both the mandate and backing for a continued business strategy based on further strategic acquisitions. Last year we merged FREJA with SDK Logistics, and ever since then we’ve continued our dedicated focus on completing value-adding acquisitions, which is why we continually evaluate potential acquisition candidates. It is a cornerstone in our strategy for developing SDK FREJA,” says Søren Gran.

With last year’s purchase of 49% of stock in the Danish DSH and Nordic Waste, SDK FREJA has further added a new economic leg to the company portfolio. Nordic Waste thus specializes in cleaning polluted dirt with the purpose of using as much as possible of the cleansed material directly or in newly developed products primarily for the construction business – including infrastructural projects.

This year’s strong financial result, along with SDK FREJA’s strategic expansions through acquisitions of both new and existing business areas, jointly give the company a strong starting point for the coming years.

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